Gladstone Access TV
WCGtv - Westman Communications Group community programming is a cornerstone of the television service provided to Westman Communication customers. Volunteers work hard to provide important, relevant, and sometimes live programming that reflects the people in our community.
PSA - Public Service Announcements - Do you have an event you want publicized?
Announcements are accepted from non-commercial sources only. Please be as brief as possible (25 words or less) since there is limited capacity on the screen. Only the most important information should be included.
  • WHO the message is from or WHO it is inteneded to reach
  • WHAT the message is, WHEN the event is to take place
  • WHERE the event will take place
  • HOW MUCH the event will cost
  • WHO to contact for further information.

 Fax: 385-3357

ACCESS TV maintains a DVD library of community events starting in 1982. You can view the PDF catalog by clicking here.

Copies of the DVD's can be purchased by contacting Mrs. Pat Weber at 204.385.2295.