2018 Election Candidates for MAYOR 
of WestLake-Gladstone
Scott Kinley

Growing up in the Municipality, I knew that Gladstone was where I wanted to stay. Planting roots here, with my family, has been rewarding as we watch our children grow up in the quiet safe place we call home. 

My career at the helm of a 65-year-old family-run company has been filled with both opportunities and challenges alike. I feel my high level of motivation will bring value to our municipality, as I never back down from things worth chasing, but only after careful thought and consideration.

Working closely with the Municipality over the past few years has provided me with the inspiration to want to join the other side of the table. In the past, I have been an active board member of the Manitoba Trucking Association, and more locally, a member of the Happy Rock Children’s Centre Building Committee. 

If elected, my goals are to spark interest to stimulate growth and change in policies, so that we are recognized as a municipality that overcomes any obstacle and prospers while doing so. My commitment to this adventure will be to look at our foundation, fix any cracks, and then grow, while prioritizing spending.

With the right group of people, and the support of our voters, I know we can make our municipality the envy of the rest who choose to follow instead of lead. A great leader leads by example, that’s how I roll.

Thank you in advance for your support, and please remember to vote!

Keith Arthur

Why am I letting my name stand for Mayor/Reeve?

Because I believe in democracy and I want to better engage the tax payers by keeping them better informed. We are nothing less than a large family and we need more control as to how our money is spent. We should be investing in our selves as much as possible. If we work together we can be more efficient, save money and we will have money to replenish our reserves and invest in our future.  This approach is proven and will result in population growth and business growth, which is badly needed.

Why am I letting my name stand?

Because I have been there, and I understand how tough it can be to pay all the bills including our property taxes.

Because I have time to give the job, the time it deserves.

Because I have no perceived, real or pending conflict of interest.

Because I have 20 years of experience in managing construction projects like streets/roads, ditches, sub-divisions and our local natural gas project.

Because I have academic training in procurement and quality/testing Management.

Because I have academic training in communication, team building and human resource Management.

I want to put control back in the hands of the tax payers by using modern communication, consultation and consensus building.

We all want a modern, growing municipality that we can reside in and make a living in. My approach is back to the basics and down to earth. 

2018 Election Candidates for COUNCILLOR 
of WestLake-Gladstone 
Allows for up to 6 votes for Councillors
Arnold Coutts

To those that do not know me my name is Arnold Coutts. I have been on council for westlake-gladstone this past term.  Previously to this I was on the R.M. of Westbourne council since 1993.  I have enjoyed being involved with the municipalities from the first day I was elected to now. I have seen many changes and know there is many to come.  We need to have a council that will work towards making our municipality prosper, one possibility is having a serious look at economic development . I will not make any promises because decisions have to be made by all elected officials,not just one. Team work is needed to succeed so please vote wisely. I am always willing to talk and chat to anyone that wants to,and listen to what is being said.  Any concerns or questions I have always been only a call away. I would continue to do my best to make this a great place to live so on October 24th take the time to vote.  I hope you can make me a part of this team. Thank You..

Gerald Doell

I am running for re-election for West-Lake Gladstone. 

I grew up in the Gladstone area going to Elementary School and graduating from WMCI.

One of my concerns is for the agricultural industry in our area.  We currently have a very poor water management system and in some areas it is non-existent. I would like to continue to strive for a system that can work for all rate payers.  Our Municipality is situated at the bottom of the basin. I would like to continue to work on a long range drainage system. 

I would like to be part of a team where we can become financially responsible and bring costs and taxes under control.  I am willing to hear input from tax payers on ways we can control our costs.  I would also like to see growth for the towns and area in our Municipality by encouraging the start up and support of small businesses. I voted against the motion to change our Municipality to "at large”.  I believe our ratepayers would have better representation and access to councillors elected to represent their "area”. 

Thank you

Bud Sigurdson

My name is Bud Sigurdson. I have served 8 years on Council.

I am running for Council as I believe that it is important for people to contribute and be active in their community.

I am a member of the Legion, Gladstone Curling Club and am currently the President of the Gladstone Golf Club. I am also on 3 committees at the United Church.

On Council I have been on several committees such as Utilities, Waste Disposal Grounds, Recycling, Safety, Hiring, and along with the Mayor doing the accounts every month. I am also the Chairman of the Parkland Regional Library for 21 Municipalities.

I will work towards the completion of the Rural water lines, Gladstone water and sewer, renewing the water lines in Westbourne, replacement of the walking bridge at Williams Park, repairing the Gal and Riverdale Bridges, paving of 5th and Brussels streets and promoting our Industrial Park. The Reiner Bridge is being replaced.

I have consistently been a voice on Council for accountability and have questioned all expenses and demanded justification for purchases and hirings.

I voted to keep the Ward system for concern that the smaller areas such as Langruth and Westbourne could be left without a representative but since we are now At Large, it will be very important for each Councillor to represent the whole Municipality and not just the area where they live. My voting record has represented the whole Municipality and if re-elected to Council I will continue to represent all areas. 

Darcy Meloney
 I have lived in the Municipality for 43 years; born and raised on the farm. My family continues to contribute to our community with my wife being the Director of Happy Rock Children Center. Myself I own and operate DDM Custom Welding. It’s been an interesting adventure serving the farming and industrial area but wouldn’t change a thing.

  People ask me why I want into council?? It’s a thankless job they say??  Well I do because I’m young and speaking up for our communities and tax dollars matter. I speak my mind and won’t tell you what I can’t do!!

  Furthermore getting into council isn’t about me it’s about bettering the Municipality of Westlake Gladstone. I don’t have an agenda to get my land drained or street paved or road fixed. I’m just thinking we need some new blood and fresh ideas. Thanks All

Murray Smith

My name is Murray Smith and I have been on council since 2015.  On my first term of council I was the Chairperson for the Gravel Committee (west side rep) and a representative on the Workplace Health & Safety, Recreation Commission, Plumas Local Urban District (one year) and the Fire Department Committees.  My family and I reside north of Plumas where I were born and raised, and my children attend William Morton Collegiate in Gladstone.

I am seeking a second term on council to represent the people of our vast Municipality.  If elected I will continue to push for clear, honest, improved decision making and help taxpayers find solution to issues instead of ignoring the issue and will remain committed to supporting recreation facilities and adequate roads and streets.

In the near future I would like to see:

     The 2022 election be reverted to the ward system to ensure all areas of our municipality are equally represented.

·   A 10-year drainage plan.

·        No further increase to taxes by focusing on planning instead of reacting to issues.

·         No decisions made on capital purchases until the budget is approved and the funds are available for the purchase instead of increasing taxes to make the purchase happen.

Please exercise you right to Vote on October 24th. Your Vote could change the direction the council takes this upcoming four years as the Municipality can not continue to operate today the same way it did 20 years ago.

Richard Callander

I was born and raised in the Langruth area.  When I  turned 18 , I bought my first cows which I still raise.  I have spent a lot of time in Gladstone and the Plumas areas over the years involved in different things . I have a good knowledge of the area and the needs of the residents in  those areas. I spent 8 years on Lakeview council, so I have experience and knowledge what would be needed from a councilor. I took a 4 year break when Lakeview, Town of Gladstone and Westburn Municipality amalgamated.  I was very much involved with the amalgamation procedures so I have an understanding of what went on.  I was in favor of the ward system because   I felt it would fairer representation  for the residence of the  municipality . I brought a petition forward to try and keep the ward system  in so people would have equal representation. I sat back and watched the last 4 years paying a lot of attention to what went on in council and I feel that amalgamation was not the best solution but no one had a choice.  It was more focused in my opinion 3 groups trying to keep their identity and funds. I feel that its for time the municipality  to move forward and give fair representation and treatment to residence  in the municipality.  I feel because of my past experience and knowledge of council that I have a lot to contribute to making this an united municipality with fair representation for everyone. 

If you see this man on the street or road, stop him and see if he knows anything!

Kerry Arksey

Kerry Arksey was born in Gladstone and has until now spent almost all of his life on the family farm south of Langruth. Now retired from farming, he served one year as councillor for the Rural Municipality of Lakeview and one four-term term as councillor for the amalgamated Municipality of Westlake-Gladstone. Generally speaking, he has enjoyed his time on council and, voters willing, looks forward to the continued opportunity to serve. He is particularly interested in Big Grass Marsh water management, flood prevention and mitigation and community development. Kerry strongly believes that all councillors must represent the entire municipality rather than a specific community or group. He also believes that municipal service should be entered into for the benefit of the municipality, not for the individual councillor, and points to the fact that he has never requested gravel for his road in the time he has been on any council. "When I leave the house I now live in, perhaps the road will finally get gravelled,” he jokes. Although he and his wife Sharron will soon be living outside the municipality, land holdings and family connections will keep Kerry tied to Westlake-Gladstone and he plans to maintain his local cell phone number to ensure easy access for ratepayers.

Aaron Armstrong

I was raised in Langruth & have been a part of this community for 40 years.  I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic, who serves this area, & have gotten to know a majority of the people both personally and professionally.  I’ve always believed the patient was the most important person in my clinic, for if there were no patients, there would be no need for the Doctor.  I feel this also stands true for municipalities, without the people, there is no need for a council!

My previous experience includes being a Chairperson for the Council on extremity adjusting and bringing the K4I Institute to Logan University.  This endeavor taught me what is required to introduce new programs to an established institution & how to navigate bureaucracy as quickly & effectively as possible.

 My experience as a clinician, taught me people are smart & insightful, I have found repeatedly that people already know what the problem is and know a solution, but lack the tools to remedy the problem.  I am certain the same holds true for an RM.

In 2011/2014 I witnessed the problems faced by flood waters in our community.  Our RM and its councillors worked hard to preserve our properties & livelihoods.  I am grateful for their efforts to help everyone & I hope to be a councillor that inspires like they did.  I believe the goal of a council should be to empower its taxpayers.  To be a strong successful RM, it begins with strong, healthy constituents.

Monica Photo
Monica Ferguson
"You know it's a thankless job, right?"
I've heard that a lot. So, why throw my hat in the ring? 
Because I want to see this municipality stand its ground and prosper. 
The last Council and staff have worked diligently over the past term to bring the former municipalities of Westbourne, Lakeview and Gladstone together. Much has been accomplished. There's more to do!
What's in store for the next Council?
Here are my thoughts:
1.Infrastructure- continued assessment of streets, roads, drainage, water and sewer systems, buildings, and a long-term plan for same. 
2. Focus on strategies for business & economic opportunites. Take stock of our strengths- what we already have going for us and go from there. 
3. Community Engagement- Work with our organizations to strengthen ties between our residents- welcome newcomers-show appreciation for all residents. 
4. Youth Engagement- A youth member on Council would be a definite asset! Young people are our future- they see things most of us miss and offer a fresh world view. We need them!
Why me?
-able to work as a team member
- level-headed
- can stand my ground
- open-minded
- strive to do what's right: perhaps not popular 
- value honesty
- believe in fairness

David Stanley
Dave Stanley moved to this community 7 years ago, originally from Brandon and spent some time on the west coast. After deciding the big city life wasn't for his family, he packed up and moved to Plumas.
When Dave isn't busy running the Plumas Inn, he likes to go camping and fishing with his 2 young boys. He is also an avid astronomer and Plumas offers some of the best dark skies in Manitoba. 
Dave brings to the table a commitment to community, economic development and proactive community engagement. He tries his best to promote, sponsor, attend and contribute to almost all local events and organizations. He has a mind for finding new ways or re-vamping old ones to bring growth to the community. 
He believes there is a lot of room for development and growth, as well as properly maintain what we already have in place. There has to be improvement on the time it takes to get things done. 
Dave bases his life on good morals, integrity and accountability, which he intends to continue in his public service to the great people of this Municipality. 
Dawn Coubrough

My experience on Council from 2010 – 2014, has left me with the desire to run again in this election and ask for your support.

The diversity of this Municipality mandates that we work together to benefit all ratepayers.

We moved to Gladstone 12 years ago to buy the bakery.  Why did we choose this community?  Simply because it ticked off all of our boxes…. a golf course, curling rinks, skating rinks, swimming pools, campgrounds, community halls, along with all the amenities and businesses needed for everyday living.  What more could we ask for? We must do our part to ensure the viability of these and any new ventures in our area.

Knowledge is empowerment, we need to advertise the programs that are available for new businesses to start in our communities, such as Heartland Community Futures and Gladco, both of which have funds available.

We need to work together with the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce wherever possible, including the "Happy Rock” which is a famous landmark in our municipality that benefits everyone in the area.

Having run two successful businesses in this community, Gladstone Bakery & Eatery, and currently Lickity Splits Drive-In, I bring a wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge to the table, which is a necessary asset in the running of our municipality.

When people ask me why I’m running for Council, the reason is clear, I want to contribute to the promotion, preservation and protection of all the above-mentioned assets in the Municipality of West-Lake Gladstone.

Kerry MacLennan

I was raised in Gladstone from birth and graduated from WMCI in 1971. After attending Red River I hired on with MTS where I worked for 37 ½ years. I received my Certificate in Management attending University and was promoted to the Management Team later in my career. I retired in 2011 and in 2015 happily moved back to Gladstone.

It is noticeable that many changes have taken place since I went to school here. The deterioration of our community and also the communities in the surrounding area of Westlake Gladstone is the one that is most obvious. There have been businesses that have been closed for years and we need to explore opportunities and avenues to stimulate growth.  Gladstone and the communities in the surrounding area are very affordable where there are lots of activities, especially for seniors. Gladstone’s 9 hole golf course needs to be promoted as well as all other amenities the communities in this Municipality offer.

If elected I will bring 3 new things to council.

        Energy – new ideas which will bring about change

        Effectiveness – work towards a growing community with affordable taxes

        Equality – We must return to the ward system so every rate payer in the municipality has a voice that will represent them.

 It is my intent to treat everyone fairly, to be involved in the municipality and to give an honest effort to ensure that Westlake Gladstone will remain a safe and affordable municipality to live in.


I need your support

Randy Bjarnarson
 Believes in fair representation across the municipality.

Believes we should be setting goals and working towards them.

I think we should be working on long term plan for our gravel. It is not a renewable resource.  We should be looking at a 5 year plan along with looking at 50 plus years in the future.

Will keep working towards flood mitigation.

2018 Election Candidates for LUD of PLUMAS Committee
                                Allows for up to 2 votes for LUD Committee Members
Allan Jones 
Profile not submitted. 
Randy Watts
Profile not submitted.  
Sherrie-Ann Wolke

Being new to the community I am very proud to call Plumas my home.  To me Plumas is not just a place to live; it is a strong minded community who are very passionate with strong values.

I feel that I could add value to Plumas as their newly elected LUD committee member through my knowledge and experience with having 31 years of Business Administration and almost 20 years working in the field of Property Management; in which I have a good understanding of Government Policies & Procedures, as well, I am able to effectively manage the required Tradesmen to achieve the best solutions for our community. 

I look forward to the outcome of this election and support I can provide to my community.

Jack Selllers 

My wife and I moved from Winnipeg 8 years ago to retire in Plumas Manitoba.

I am letting my name stand as a member of the Plumas LUD.

I am Legion president for branch 189, sit in on the Plumas Hall Committee and also help keep the hall clean, work for Gladstone Agro Services, Retired Health Care Worker from Grace Hospital in Winnipeg.

I have no personal agenda and make no promises if I am elected.

If elected I will represent the people’s concerns of Plumas.

We have dealt with many areas in the past with, sewer, water, roads, sidewalks, snow removal, grass cutting, street lights, signs and many more.

If elected I hope to continue listening and representing the people of Plumas in a fair and honest Manor.