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Crown Jewels of Canada Society

We're unique! We know of no other women's group similar to ours in Canada! We've created a circle of friends joined together across the country, from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.

Our Objectives:
Unite women across Canada and keep communications open between members, and provinces, via a member's only web site, Provincial and local events, our annual AGM & Convention, and our monthly newsletters.

Hold an Annual General Meeting for members and each year have a different province host the AGM & Convention.

To offer a non-profit organization where all money is accounted for and used for the members, with an Annual Financial Statement that is shared with all members. 

Socialize, offer support, share activities, and just plain have Fun together! Have a minimal number of rules. In fact - just four!

  1. Wear our colours (red, white & purple in any combination)
  2. Wear something on your head
  3. Pay your membership dues on time
  4. Have FUN

Contact Helen at 385-2788 for Gladstone's information.