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Gladstone Access TV

WCGtv - Westman Communications Group community programming is a cornerstone of the television service provided to Westman Communication customers. Volunteers work hard to provide important, relevant, and sometimes live programming that reflects the people in our community.

PSA - Public Service Announcements - Do you have an event you want publicized?

Announcements are accepted from non-commercial sources only. Please be as brief as possible (25 words or less) since there is limited capacity on the screen. Only the most important information should be included.

  • WHO the message is from or WHO it is inteneded to reach
  • WHAT the message is, WHEN the event is to take place
  • WHERE the event will take place
  • HOW MUCH the event will cost
  • WHO to contact for further information.

Fax: 385-3357

ACCESS TV maintains a DVD library of community events starting in 1982. View the catalog.

Copies of the DVD's can be purchased by contacting Mrs. Pat Weber at 204.385.2295