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Historic Sites & Heritage

The Municipality of WestLake-Gladstone has been blessed with a rich history that has become the foundation for our future. Over the years we have taken great pride in preserving our past for all to enjoy.

Former Galloway Brothers Department Store
Provincial Heritage Site #42
Provincial Heritage Sites
or visit Canada's Historic Places and search for Galloway Bros
Currently the Government of Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives GO Centre.

The Gladstone and District Museum
#49-6th Street, Gladstone, MB

Third Crossing Agricultural Museum
West of Gladstone, MB
North side of the Yellowhead TransCanada Highway #16

Moffatt Barn
Is a significant landmark in the Woodside area. Built in 1910 noted for it's impressive size and distinctive visage. It was designated a historical site in June of 1998.

Other Local Historical Cairn Locations are as follows:

  • Golden Stream SW 35-13-11
  • Livingstone NW 24-14-12
  • Ellwood SE 6-13-11
  • Silver Stream SE 36-13-12
  • Deseronto NW 13-16-12
  • Palestine SE 28-14-11
  • Gillespie NW 10-13-12
  • Plumas Skating Rink
  • Plumas Catholic Church
  • Nora School Beaver Road
  • Langruth Cenotaph 11-9-597 (North End of Main St. Hwy 50)
  • Big Grass Marsh 11-9-507 (North End of Main St. Hwy 50)
  • Big Point School NW 30-16-9-W
  • Big Point Memorial NW 24-16-9W
  • North Lakeland School NW 28-15-9 W
  • Lakeside School SE 9-15-9W
  • St. Emerics Church SE 10-16-9W

Self guided tour to all of Gladstone's historical buildings
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