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Local Government

Council Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month.

All council meetings are open to the public. If you have something you would like to present at a Council meeting, you must register as a delegate at least one week prior to the meeting. For more information contact our office at 204.385.2332.

 See below for our council and the committees they serve.



Daryl Shipman

Gladstone Chamber of Commerce

Yellowhead Regional Water Co-op

Board of Revisions

Personal Committee

Deputy Mayor

Chas Lambert

Northwest Handi Transit

Board of Revisions


Personal Committee


Melanie Wilson

GLADCO Community Loans Program

Seven Regions Health Foundation

Seven Regions Stakeholders

Personal Committee


Mark Ferguson

Gladstone Arena Board

Weed Inspector


Jeff Fehr

Fire Protection

Workplace Health amp; Safety

Board of Revisions



Amy Waldner-Redekopp

Gladstone Cemetery Board

Libraries - Regional amp; Local

Seven Regions Health Foundation


Richard Callander
Gladstone Vet Services

Heartland Community Futures Corp.

The following outlines the areas and their boundaries and the name of the Councilor representing each area:

Southeast - Councillor Chas Lambert 

Starting in the east boundary of the RM, from Road 48W to Road 60W, and from the south Boundary, Road 72N to Road 86N. 

This area is the responsibility of Councilor Chas Lambert.

Southwest - Councillor Mark Ferguson

Continuing west, from Road 60W to road 72W (Helston Road), and from Road 72N to Road83N ( Highway 16 ). 

This area is the responsibility of Councilor Mark Ferguson.

Northwest - Councillor Jeff Fehr

Going from Highway 16 north to the north Boundary, Road 102N, and from west Boundary Road 72W east to Road 63W. 

This area is the responsibility of Councilor Jeff Fehr.

Northeast - Councillor Richard Callander

From Road 63W, east to Lake Manitoba and from Road 86N to the northern Boundary Road 102N. 

This area is under the responsibility of Councilor Richard Callander.

Town of Gladstone - Councillor Amy Waldner-Redekopp and Councillor Melanie Wilson

The town of Gladstone is divided in half, north and south of Dennis Street. 

The northern half will be under the responsibility of Councilor Amy Waldner- Redekopp

The southern half will be under the responsibility of Councilor Melanie Wilson.

The E Service is an option is available on the Homepage of the Municipal website. 

A fillable form for any concerns can be sent to the appropriate department in minutes.