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Waste and Recycling

Waste Collection and Recycling 

Gladstone Garbage & Recycling Collection Schedule8:30 am
ThursdayRecycling (Glass Third Thursday of the month)

Langruth Garbage Collection Schedule8:30 am

Plumas Garbage & Recycling Collection Schedule 8:30 am

Every residence is permitted two bags of waste. If you have additional bags you would like picked up during collections times, you will be required to purchase a bag tag at the Municipal office for $4.00 prior to your scheduled collection. Please attached the tag to the extra bag. 

Please place your glass in a clear bag or cardboard box separate from other recyclables for the protection of the employees handling the recycling. 

Recycling - Clear or Blue Bags

Garbage - Black or Green Bags

Please dispose of all yard waste and tree branches at the burn pit at the Waste Disposal Grounds, Yard Waste must be separated from household garbage and placed in paper bags only. Stay tuned for the annual Yard Waste Pick Up Day!

MWM Environmental will be providing waste and recycling pick up services to the urban communities of Plumas, Langruth and Gladstone and is anticipated to begin Wednesday July 21st. Carts are expected to be delivered to residents the beginning of July. All information regarding the service will be included in the welcome package that can be found in your bin. If you require assistance moving your bins from your property on pickup days please view this form.

MWM Recycling Pick-Up Zones

MWM Recycling Pick-Up Brochure

MWM Waste Pick-Up Brochure

Municipal Recycling Guide

Recycling Tips

The Municipality of WestLake-Gladstone Recycles!

Please only put recyclable items in your recycling

Newspaper & MagazinesSteel
Aseptic PackagingBoxboard & Cardboard
#1 Plastic BottlesHDPE #2 Plastics
AluminumGlass & Glass Top Containers

Can I recycle this?
In early 2020, MMSM launched a recycling tool called the Recyclepida. It is available online by clicking here or by visiting 

Clean Farms Manitoba:
All waste disposal grounds in the Municipality participate in Clean Farms Manitoba. You can dispose of the following items there:

Containers <23L
Twine, Bale/Silage Wrap
Totes & Drums 23L

Please rinse all Agricultural containers prior to disposal. 

DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) Containers:
DEF containers must be separated from all other pesticide containers and plastics. Please ask the attendants where they would like you to dispose of the containers.

Eco Center: 
All waste disposal grounds accept oil.

Recycling Depot:
Open Monday to Friday 8:30am - 4:30 pm