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Building and Development Permit

The Municipality of WestLake-Gladstone and our Building Inspector provide planning and development services to residents, developers, builders, and other involved in the design, planning and construction of new projects.

Development Plan

Zoning bylaw 

Building & Development Permits

A Development Permit is required for any and all work that affects the "footprint” that a building or fixed structure (including, but not limited to, a home, bin, garage, etc.) has on your property. The purpose of a Development permit is to ensure that all buildings/structures are within the setback requirements. You will be required to sketch a simple site map that reflects your building or construction plans. The sketch must also include all existing fixed structures on the property and the distances between them in relation to waterways/water systems, roadways, and property lines. The fee for a Development Permit is $45.00.

When do I need a building permit and what do I need to know?

A building permit is required when any new structure or structural changes are being made to an existing building such as a home, garage, deck, etc. Aesthetic projects such as painting and drywall do not require a permit. For example: replacing a window with a new one of the same dimension does not require a permit. However, replacing a window with a larger sized window does require a permit as the opening size and structural wall need to be altered. The base Building Permit fee is $60.00 but is subjected for further charges based on project. 

Certified Engineer Drawings are Required for the following:

  • Building where a wall is longer than 40’.
  • Structures that have been placed on either an ICF block walls or PWF Foundation
  • Additions where the foundation type is different than that of the original structure.
  • Any other construction deemed necessary by the Building Inspector.

Plumbing Permits are required when installing any new plumbing fixture where no fixture has previously existed.

Building Permit and Plumbing Permit fees vary and can not be determined until the project information is received.

What is the process for a building and development permit?

Building and Development permits can be applied for at the same time. Once all required information is collected and permits have been paid for, they will be reviewed by administrative staff. If all information is found sufficient upon review, permits are forwarded to Building Inspector, David Bueckert. David will review the permits, and be in contact with the applicant. David will issue the permit placard. Once David has contacted the applicant, all questions relating to the building process should be addressed to David. Prior to the Inspector’s approval, please address all related questions to the Municipal Office. 

Please contact the Municipal Office (204)385-2332 or the Building Inspector David Bueckert (204)857-1896 with any questions. 

Building and Development Permits are calculated based on the following:

Planning & Zoning Fees:

Development Permit$45.00
Farm Building Declaration$0.00
Demolition Permit$0.00
Conditional Use$300.00
Variation Order$300.00
Building Permit Fees

Base Application Fee$60.00
Main Floor of Building$0.30 per sq. feet
Foundation - New$0.30 per sq. feet
Accessory Building$0.21 per sq. feet
Unenclosed Porch/Deck/Patio$0.21 per sq. feet
Occupancy Permit$80.00
Plumbing Permit$60.00 plus $12.00 per fixture

Supplemental taxes result from assessments adjusting taxes when new taxable values are determined following change of ownership of locally assessed property or completion of new construction or demolition on assessed real property. Yes, supplementary taxes will be mailed in September and are due December 31st.